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Plume Tote

The outer cover is made of Charcoal Gray 1000 denier Cordura Nylon, with a one ounce urethane coating water repellent finish to keep moisture out. The inner frame is constructed of a corrugation with a water repellent wax finish to keep moisture out. Each plume is stored in its own round sleeve to insure that the plume keeps it shape. The Fruhauf Plume Tote comes 11" and 16" wide to fit almost all plumes. The Fruhauf Plume Tote has access doors on both sides of the case for flow through travel. A heavy #10 YKK zipper with double faced zipper cover to keep moisture out.

The hand strap is constructed of long wearing 100% nylon black webbing 1 1/2” in width, featuring additional padding. All stress points are double stitched and taped for extra strength and to extend the life of the case. The Fruhauf Plume Tote comes with a luggage cart and stands to allow the case to be rolled and set upright.

Loaded with 102 plumes the case is under 21 pounds. Other cases have two to three times the weight, empty. Fruhauf Uniforms has developed the most innovated plume carrier in the industry. Incorporating the finest materials, workmanship and design to make a strong protective case for your expensive plumes.

Tuf Tote

The Fruhauf Tuf-Tote is unlike any other shako box on the market. Competitor products might look like a Fruhauf Tuf-Tote, but they’ll probably be missing these key features:

  • Stackability
  • Legs for Standing
  • Comfort Fit Handle
  • Real Pinned Hinges
  • Plus Side Guides for Stability
  • Protected Security Latch
  • Large ID Label
  • Bibbers

    Across almost a hundred years, the same silly problems have crept up to the line. Bothering every band everywhere.
    Until now. Get on out of here, baggy seats. Begone, peg legs.

  • Seat seams closed by a two-needle tandem machine with four Filco #50 cotton threads for the undisputed strongest seat closure in the industry
  • Front zipper closures of YKK-quality solid brass – warranty for the life of the trousers, of course
  • A single, needle-box stitch around the hook-flex closure for permanent attachment, comfortable support and Rambo strength
  • Heavy-duty 39-stitch bar tack positioned at every point of trouser stress
  • Stripes attached with a lock-stitch, centered on the leg – absolute uniformity across the line
  • Simple alteration, with no accumulation of fabric in the cuff, all because of a generous 3” turn-up, bound with rayon binding
  • Nylon-webbed suspenders, sandwiched between the waistband and the waistband curtain, box-x stitched for forever, pliable in the extreme, comfortable in all sorts of ways
  • Shakos

    We manufacture every Fruhauf shako in the heartland, in Wichita, Kansas where we appreciate a little glitz every now and then. Expect meticulous quality control and Da Vinci sorts of color matching.

  • All frames made of 16-ounce, high-impact ABS material to prevent splitting, cracking, melting and disintegrating – for life
  • Stove-bolt-and-nut attachment of the one-piece nylon plume socket, coated with loc-tite, for the most serviceable design available
  • The shako headrest stitched completely in the inboard side of the hat, and hence the hyper-comfortable “Cushion-Aire” fit for which Fruhauf shakos are famous
  • All visors constructed from a three-layer design (plastic top, duroboard, and a green underlay to shade the eyes) with a ¾” back tacking sewn through the frame using monofilament thread, thereby creating a visor attachment that will not tear loose from the shako frame
  • All chinstraps reinforced with metal eyelets at the point of attachment to the hat
  • Tensile strength of more than 4800 psi in the optional shako’s “Tuf-Tote,” a bomb shelter with a two-year warranty, thanks to its high-density polyethylene construction
  • Miscellaneous Accessories

    Fruhauf Uniforms offer a complete line of uniform accessories. We present to you an arrangement of some of these here:

  • Banner Poles & Frames
  • Banner
  • Barcodes
  • Berets
  • Bow-ties
  • Braid by the yard
  • Buckles
  • Buttons
  • Citation Cords
  • Cross Belts
  • Cummerbunds
  • Dickeys
  • Epaulettes
  • Fabric by the yard
  • Formal Wear
  • Garment Bags
  • Gauntlets
  • Gloves
  • Hangers
  • Helmets
  • Leggings
  • Plume Totes
  • Raingear
  • Spats
  • Suspenders
  • Tuf Totes
  • Tuxedo Shirts